Friday, February 15, 2008

The Queen of Snot

Katie got home yesterday, bringing along with her either a horrible cold, some virus or influenza. I guess it really doesn't matter what it is - she is not feeling good. What better place to be than home, right? I am making another trip to the store today - this is the third day in a row. Day 1 was for the list of foods she required for her homecoming. Day 2 was for the deli turkey I forgot to buy on Day 1. Today I am going for chicken soup, a thermometer, dimetapp and bendy straws. I forewarned Katie that if she still has a fever this weekend, she will be making a trip to Urgent Care. If she needs a prescription, I'd just as soon have her start it so that she is feeling better once school starts on Tuesday. I already had a bad cold right after Christmas, so I am hoping that makes me immune to whatever she has. Such fun!

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