Friday, May 18, 2007


OK - my bad... Nothing got accomplished last night. Nothing. Well, let's revisit that. I DID manage to get rid of some renegade plants in my flowerbeds (and felt good that I didn't just throw them away - thanks for taking them, Julie!). I DID manage to visit with my friends on the patio (I steered them off the deck that had the wobbly furniture and to the wrought iron patio set - very sturdy!). I DID manage to get the grill started at what I thought was a reasonable time, although I realize now that having a clock somewhere out there would probably be a good thing. I also DID manage to have two beers and still have dinner ready for the kids by 6:30. However, I also DID lose all my ambition after dinner. Well, then - tonight is another night, and by gum, I will get that lawn mowed or else. It may be dark by the time I get done, but who cares!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Panic is Setting In

OK - I know that I work best under pressure - there is nothing like a deadline to make me put it into gear. The best house cleaning gets done when I know someone is coming over who may critique my success. That being said, I am starting to panic. There is so much to do, and now the weather forecast is calling for rain next Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (it could even be worse - the forecast doesn't go any further!). Gulp! How am I going to get my outside work done? How will the deck get painted? I guess time will tell - I have no clue! If I clean out the garage on Sunday, no one will be allowed to park their cars in it until after the graduation party. In theory, this should not be a big deal. In real life, it could be - Katie's car seems to leak whenever it rains, so she may be walking around with a wet butt at school if it really does rain for five days straight. Not exactly the lasting memory you want to leave your classmates when you are graduating! What to do? I don't know... I had good intentions of going home from work tonight and mowing the yard so things don't get over grown, but now have two co-workers coming over the raid my flowerbeds of stray plants. This is a good thing. I heard something about a bottle of wine coming along for the occasion - this could be a bad thing. I may lose my ambition to get anything done. And I am stressing because I had been meaning to tighten all the bolts and lug nuts holding the cedar patio furniture together. Obviously, that hasn't been done yet. If anyone falls on their ass tonight when their Adirondack chair collapses, I swear I know nothing!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And so we commence...

I am in the middle of getting ready for Katie's graduation reception. I know that three years ago, I went overboard with Jeff's reception and totally overdid it (to the point of repainting all the walls on the main floor of the house). There was a method to my madness, you know - it seemed easier than washing the walls. All that work, and only four people out of the 250 invited actually came into the house. Everyone else was out in the yard, enjoying the tent and the company. Sooo, this year I won't stress nearly so much. Almost all of the outside work is done, except cleaning the black hole of a garage and two small flower beds in the front yard. I spent this weekend doing yardwork and cleaning the carpets. What a wonderful sense of accomplishment I get from getting everything on my list done and crossed off. Katie came home to walk the dog in the middle of the afternoon just as I finished everything. Of course, the carpet didn't look that great to her, but I can attest to the fact that it looked just like the carpet cleaner commercial - I could actually see the path I cleaned (if you ever repeat that I will have to hunt you down and hurt you!). So, she brings the dog back and the dog drinks eight gallons of water because it was really hot outside. I jump in the shower to clean up and cool off after all of my hard work. When I came out, I discovered the dog had upchucked on the carpet. Apparently she had too much to drink. Why? Why? Why? Why is it that my animals cannot throw up on lineoleum? They make a point to run to the nearest patch of cream colored carpet and let it spew. *Sigh*

Off To The Races!

Well, we've talked about it and talked about it, so I thought I would just take a leap. I am a fan of many blogs, and only hope I can rise to the level of those I like the most. So - the purpose of having this blog is to keep communications open with my daughter when she goes away to college. I want to be able to fill her in on everything (maybe not everything) that happens while she is away, and I want her to be able to add posts as well. I am not sure who the upcoming separation will be hardest on - Katie or myself. I think that position will switch back and forth.