Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And so we commence...

I am in the middle of getting ready for Katie's graduation reception. I know that three years ago, I went overboard with Jeff's reception and totally overdid it (to the point of repainting all the walls on the main floor of the house). There was a method to my madness, you know - it seemed easier than washing the walls. All that work, and only four people out of the 250 invited actually came into the house. Everyone else was out in the yard, enjoying the tent and the company. Sooo, this year I won't stress nearly so much. Almost all of the outside work is done, except cleaning the black hole of a garage and two small flower beds in the front yard. I spent this weekend doing yardwork and cleaning the carpets. What a wonderful sense of accomplishment I get from getting everything on my list done and crossed off. Katie came home to walk the dog in the middle of the afternoon just as I finished everything. Of course, the carpet didn't look that great to her, but I can attest to the fact that it looked just like the carpet cleaner commercial - I could actually see the path I cleaned (if you ever repeat that I will have to hunt you down and hurt you!). So, she brings the dog back and the dog drinks eight gallons of water because it was really hot outside. I jump in the shower to clean up and cool off after all of my hard work. When I came out, I discovered the dog had upchucked on the carpet. Apparently she had too much to drink. Why? Why? Why? Why is it that my animals cannot throw up on lineoleum? They make a point to run to the nearest patch of cream colored carpet and let it spew. *Sigh*

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