Sunday, September 28, 2008

Give me a D, give me an R....

Keep spelling and you get DRAMA!!!!

Yes, my friends, that is what college may think that it stops in high school...but noooo.

By college, I mean one of my roommates who creates her own drama and stress...I know that sounds familiar (ahem), but she is worse. She came back from a weekend at home only to be yelling at her mom. Apparently her mom glued her shelf thing wrong and it wouldn't hang on the wall. She yelled about it being wrong after she screamed at her mom to hang it up. This is the same girl that called her mom to yell at her because her mom forgot to pack the cleaning supplies. Since when does your mom pack up your stuff for college??? Not in my lifetime.

I always thought that relationships were supposed to be mutual and depend on efforts by both people...but not in her mom/daughter relationship. I don't think that the daughter brings anything good to the relationship. I guess that's what they mean when they say that you can't get rid of your family....because believe me, she would be cut out is she could.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SO Tired!

I am beat. I went to bed around 11:30 last night, but couldn't get to sleep. My legs were all restless and my back hurt, so I kept moving around. I also couldn't get my mind to stop thinking. I hate that. I did manage to get up at the normal time this morning (points for me!). I fed cats, turned on the coffee, showered, fed Mollie and got her outside. Then I went for that all important first cup of coffee for the day... and found a moth floating in the pot. I asked myself - do I really want to wait for another pot to brew? Nope - I fished the damn moth out and drank the coffee anyway. Aren't you proud?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Last night was very relaxing (meaning I chose not to do anything on my never-ending list of chores). I was able to let two of the cats outside for a jaunt - they spent about an hour exploring the backyard. Of course, then we had to play the game where Gabby comes to the screen door and meows to be let in. I open the door, and then she takes two steps back and lays down on the deck. We played three rounds of this game before she finally came in. I was watching TV, but in the background I kept hearing a noise I hadn't heard before. It almost sounding like running water, but it was very brief. This happened for a short time before I began exploring. I walked into the living room and found Gabby laying on top of the finch cage. The sound I heard was the birds flying in a panic. Gabs looked very relaxed up there, although the cage top was bowing in the middle due to her weight. I managed to get her off without the cage tipping over, but now I am paranoid that she is going to do it again. I think she has an evil mind...

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up!!

Well, the longer our newest teller works here, the more we have come to realize that she is a complete whack job. She is always running across the lobby, taking itty bitty steps. At least once a day, she trips over her shoes and nearly falls down. I have sworn to anyone who will listen that sooner or later she is going to do a face plant in the middle of the lobby, and I will be the one laughing my ass off. Yes, I will indeed. Anyway... She spends her lunch hour sitting in her car, smoking, talking on her cell phone and eating her lunch. Wouldn't you think that perhaps you could at least eat your lunch in the LUNCH room downstairs? That would kill 20 minutes or so... She lives 20 miles out of town (just like all the tellers we hire), which always makes it interesting on a snowy day. How on earth did she get this job, you ask? Do you really want to know? Being a native St. Peterite, of course you know that the Erbert and Gerberts is housed in the former Nicollet County Bank building. Well, one day this Einstein was driving down the avenue and saw a sign in the front window that said "NOW HIRING". Yep - you got it. She came into Nicollet County Bank and applied because she saw the sign at Erbert and Gerberts. Now, that's down right scary! What's scarier is that we hired her! Serves us right...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And two steps back...

Hey! Remember how Mollie was forever banned from sleeping on my bed once I got my new comforter set? It didn't take long at all to change her bad habits and I was feeling rather smug about it. This morning marked the 5th day in a row that I had to yell at her to get off the bed. What the heck is going on in that pointy little head of hers? I blame Katie - I think Mollie is acting out because of Katie being gone. After I got her off the bed this morning, she went back into my bedroom and all was quiet. I thought to myself "You little *&$^, how dare you?" as I sneaked into the bedroom to see what she was doing. It was too dark, so I had to turn on the light. There were three cats laying on the bed - but no dog. There was no dog standing in front of the window looking outside, either. I found her curled up on the floor by my bathroom door, laying on top of my "show" pillows that I throw on the floor each night. The look on her face was kind of like "I AM NOT on the bed, so just shut up". I am not sure who the winner is...