Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Last night was very relaxing (meaning I chose not to do anything on my never-ending list of chores). I was able to let two of the cats outside for a jaunt - they spent about an hour exploring the backyard. Of course, then we had to play the game where Gabby comes to the screen door and meows to be let in. I open the door, and then she takes two steps back and lays down on the deck. We played three rounds of this game before she finally came in. I was watching TV, but in the background I kept hearing a noise I hadn't heard before. It almost sounding like running water, but it was very brief. This happened for a short time before I began exploring. I walked into the living room and found Gabby laying on top of the finch cage. The sound I heard was the birds flying in a panic. Gabs looked very relaxed up there, although the cage top was bowing in the middle due to her weight. I managed to get her off without the cage tipping over, but now I am paranoid that she is going to do it again. I think she has an evil mind...

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