Tuesday, February 26, 2008


As I was washing my hands in the bathroom today, I noticed a sign that was placed between the two mirrors. It said "Feminine Hygiene Dispenser on 1st Floor." WTF???? How dumb is that. Excuse me, while I carry my tampon or pad to the first floor to dispose of it. Dumb.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh, the Free Press...

I have been battling with the newspaper this past week. In the past seven days, I have only received my paper in a timely fashion twice. I know the number of the customer service department by heart, and talk to Pete almost on a daily basis. I called him again this morning when my paper had not yet arrived by 7:30. He was pretty good about it, but said they were having a hell of a time because of temporary carriers,etc. I understand that, but did Pete realize that I was paying for a morning paper, and that really didn't mean a lunchtime paper or an afternoon paper? Of course he did, and he has encouraged me to call every time things go wrong, because he wants management to realize there is a problem. No problem, Pete, I will put you on speed dial. To make things worse, yesterday was Sunday, which means a bigger edition and what I look forward to most - the crossword puzzle. I waited and waited but no paper came. Finally, around 9:00 AM, the paper showed up. Guess where? Way out on the main sidewalk! I walked down to get it and noticed a newspaper in front of each house, but out on the sidewalk. How stupid is that? Obviously, it was too far for the carrier to actually walk up to each house and toss the paper on the porch.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Can you spell DRAMA????

I have accomplished an enormous feat that many college students and their parents might want to look into. I have been able to minor in something at no extra cost. Yes...please hold your applause. What is the minor, you may ask? Well, it is a minor in drama. This is perfect for me because it is what I do best, with no guidance needed. I am a natural...just ask my parents any day since the day I was born. Declaring this as my minor happened when I freaked out about how much homework I had to do, including major studying for a test. This test, which will prove to be a bitch, is almost impossible to study for. I was so caught up in the drama about how I would never get things done. My parents tried to reassure me that I would be fine and all I had to do was my best...but that is easier said than heard, especially at that moment. I am now looking back on my little act and now I can joke about how I should minor in drama.

P.S. I am sitting here with a whole weekend that looks pretty empty...yep...I got my stuff done. Whoops...bad judgment! Oh well...

It Makes Me Smile

The weather is beautiful today, and this is just the start of at least three days in a row! Sun, warm breezes from the south - who could ask for more? The sidewalks are all melted again - always a good thing, since I didn't shovel them after that last bit of snow on Monday (or was it Tuesday? I forget!). Anyway, the one bright spot in the snow happened Tuesday night, and kept me smiling right up until the snow melted away. We had gotten about an inch of really light, fluffy, big-flaked snow in the late afternoon. Jeffrey came home from work around 6:00 PM, and I was puzzled as I watched him walk from the garage to the house, because he was taking great big steps, stomping with each one. I laughed the next morning when I realized what he had done - each heavy step caused the snow to "poof" away from his footfall, and what was left looked like great big giant steps. Each footprint was about two feel long and at least a foot wide. I smiled every time I came from the garage. What a goofball! That's why I love him!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am NOT Immune!

Well, that didn't work out very well. Katie came home Thursday night and truly didn't feel well. She spent the weekend recovering, and didn't do anything other than the Saturday morning grocery shopping with me. I heard Jeff get up Saturday morning to go to work, but then heard no more activity from his vicinity. I called him, and he announced he was sick. He came downstairs and announced with all gravity that there was NO HOT WATER in his shower. I tried explaining to him that with a fever, one doesn't feel the warm qualities of the shower, but he was having none of it. His head hurt, I know he had a fever (although a 22 year old will not let his mother check - I'm just saying'). He was dizzy and had a cough. He also complained of stomach pain. He went to work anyway, leaving at 7:00 that morning. I know he would have called in sick, but when you are 22 years old and call in sick on a Saturday morning, the boss would probably (with good reason) believe that you are calling in with bottle flu. So, off to work he went, to prove that he was truly near death's door. Thank God they sent him home, where he spent the rest of the day and night in bed. He was not 100%, but he did manage to go to work on Sunday. Then, I woke up numerous times on Sunday night, so hot I couldn't stand it. I must have been awake every thirty minutes or so, knowing something was not right. I got up, fed the masses of four legged creatures, took my temperature and saw that I had a fever (thank you, God - it's not just a hot flash!). I crawled back in bed with the dog (I know - I was so sick I didn't even care!) and stayed home from work for the next two days. I woke up once yesterday with my head on one pillow, the dog sleeping with her head on the other, and we were spooning! WTF? The dog is allowed on my bed, but she usually stays at the foot and always on top of the spread. Not yesterday - she was right between the sheets. Needless to say, all the bedding was washed in order to eliminate the majority of the dog hair. I am back to work today, and we are all on the mend.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Queen of Snot

Katie got home yesterday, bringing along with her either a horrible cold, some virus or influenza. I guess it really doesn't matter what it is - she is not feeling good. What better place to be than home, right? I am making another trip to the store today - this is the third day in a row. Day 1 was for the list of foods she required for her homecoming. Day 2 was for the deli turkey I forgot to buy on Day 1. Today I am going for chicken soup, a thermometer, dimetapp and bendy straws. I forewarned Katie that if she still has a fever this weekend, she will be making a trip to Urgent Care. If she needs a prescription, I'd just as soon have her start it so that she is feeling better once school starts on Tuesday. I already had a bad cold right after Christmas, so I am hoping that makes me immune to whatever she has. Such fun!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a pal!

So, Katie noticed the mold on the bagels, but didn't want to tell her roommate, since the roommate had just eaten one. I guess that makes sense. I think it would have been funny to just observe the bagels over the course of the week and say nothing. But that's just me. I think that somewhere deep down, there is a little part of Katie that would do that, too. She's calls her "Evil Katie". I don't know where she gets it...


I noticed yesterday that the bagels that my roommate had sitting on the microwave had some lovely spots of mold. I saw the green culprit after she ate one. I wasn't the best roomie because I didn't tell her until this morning that they were moldy. I was looking out for her because I figured shed might get queasy if she knew that she just ate a moldy bagel. The funny thing is that she just mentioned yesterday how she hates putting strawberries in a bag because they get moldy!!!! Ha!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey Culligan Man!!

Today is Culligan day. I hate Culligan day - even though it comes just four times a year. I hate making sure the cats' litter box is presentable and that any cat barf spots are scrubbed off the basement steps (Yeah, I KNOW I should care about that every day, but it just isn't going to happen, OK?). What I hate the most is the not knowing exactly when he is coming. Oh yes, things are much better than they used to be when he would show up at 6:01 AM. Yes - you heard me right - AM! I put a call into their office and begged them to please put on my account that I didn't want to see his face before 7:00 AM in the future. It's nice to have the chance to actually wake up, shower and be dressed before one opens the door to someone they only see four times a year. It's just one of those things, I guess. Now he doesn't come until 7:01 AM, but at least I am prepared. He tried once to come early - showing up about 6:20 and telling me "I saw the light was on, so I thought I'd take a chance". Nice try, bucko. I told him my light had been on since about 5:30 that morning, but that didn't mean I wanted to see him then, either. He hasn't tried that since. This morning, however, I was up, dressed and ready for the day. Take that, Culligan man, I AM READY! Sucker didn't show up until I was about to walk out the door to go to work. Wish I had known that ahead of time - I could have had a more leisurely morning.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I know that you will still miss me!!!! Right....

Has anyone ever had the opportunity to tell someone something that they never knew before? I guess it's a common occurrence, but I think I caused a new revelation...time will tell. I was talking to someone who is very computer-internet illiterate (God bless those people that don't live on technology). This person had no clue that their AOL e-mail can be accessed from - get this- any computer!!! YES- it can be done. And YES the web page looks exactly the same as on your own computer. Oh jeez....remember when life was simple?

Clean up!

Well, it's about time for an update, don'tcha think? Sometimes I think I lead such a boring life - what on earth of interest do I have to add? And then other days, I am simply scintillating. In my own mind...

I spend some of the weekend cleaning (Katie can attest to this). I went through all of the magazines in my bedroom (what a pile in the corner!) and got them ready to donate to the library's magazine exchange. Of course, when Katie and I went to drop them off, it was snowing to beat the band (wonder where that expression came from?) plus the fans from the baketball tournament at the Community Center had taken EVERY singe parking spot. Needless to say, I am still driving around with the magazines in my car. I am hoping that perhaps tonight I can haul them in while I am working - time will tell. So, back to cleaning. Got everything vacuumed and the kitchen floor swiffered (is that a word?). Sadly, due to the wind blowing so hard this weekend, there is a thin layer of black dirt on top of the snow. And even though it has been sub-zero temps for the most part, the dog has managed to create muddy paw prints throughout the kitchen every time she comes in from outside. I am starting to wipe her feet off. Now if only I could teach Jeff to wipe his off feet (or take off his shoes), I would have it made!

It seems weird - Katie came home for the weekend because she managed to finagle rides from people other than us. She left Sunday night and will be back already on Thursday. I won't even have time to miss her!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More Bathroom 101

Why do I always have to go to the bathroom when it's occupied? I guess it may be due to bad luck or the fact that I always have to pee. Hmmm...??? This morning my lovely bladder wanted to be emptied and of course the someone was in the bathroom. I saw the light on and I hoped that no one was in there, but that was not the case. I didn't hear the shower running, so I have no idea would took them so long. I really had to go, so as mad as I was, I left and went to the first floor and down the hall to use the bathroom. When I got back she was STILL in there. To put the icing on the cake, when I woke up for good, I went to the bathroom. and there was NO toilet paper left. WTF!!!!!! How hard is it to replace toilet paper?????!!!! The crappy thing is that when they do replace the toilet paper, it sucks! It's like tissue paper and only lasts about a day. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

P.S. The other people never clean it and shed WAY too much!!!

Bathroom Rules

It seems that there should be universal bathroom rules. I am sure Katie would agree. I will let her write her own version, but I am thinking that if a boy uses his mother's bathroom while she is slaving away at her second job, he should make sure he puts the seat back down. She doesn't usually need to use the bathroom until about 2:30 A.M. and it's quite a rude awakening to find out then that the seat is up. I'm just sayin'...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am surrounded!

So - usually I end up sleeping with one or more cats; sometimes they even switch it up so that I start out with one and end up with another in its place. The littlest cat, Gadget, always sleeps with me. No matter what position I am in, she ends up lying on top of me. I could be on my back and she would be on my chest. If I am on my side, she is lying on top of my hip. It never fails. So imagine my surprise this morning (4:30 or so), when I wake up due to an uncomfortable pressure on my chest. I open my eyes to find Gizmo (the biggest cat, at least weight-wise) lying on top of me. Groan! I push her off and drift off again, only to find her back in that spot minutes later. When my alarm went off, all four cats were sitting on the floor next to my bed, just waiting for me to get up and feed them. I wonder how long they were there...