Friday, February 22, 2008

It Makes Me Smile

The weather is beautiful today, and this is just the start of at least three days in a row! Sun, warm breezes from the south - who could ask for more? The sidewalks are all melted again - always a good thing, since I didn't shovel them after that last bit of snow on Monday (or was it Tuesday? I forget!). Anyway, the one bright spot in the snow happened Tuesday night, and kept me smiling right up until the snow melted away. We had gotten about an inch of really light, fluffy, big-flaked snow in the late afternoon. Jeffrey came home from work around 6:00 PM, and I was puzzled as I watched him walk from the garage to the house, because he was taking great big steps, stomping with each one. I laughed the next morning when I realized what he had done - each heavy step caused the snow to "poof" away from his footfall, and what was left looked like great big giant steps. Each footprint was about two feel long and at least a foot wide. I smiled every time I came from the garage. What a goofball! That's why I love him!

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