Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More Bathroom 101

Why do I always have to go to the bathroom when it's occupied? I guess it may be due to bad luck or the fact that I always have to pee. Hmmm...??? This morning my lovely bladder wanted to be emptied and of course the someone was in the bathroom. I saw the light on and I hoped that no one was in there, but that was not the case. I didn't hear the shower running, so I have no idea would took them so long. I really had to go, so as mad as I was, I left and went to the first floor and down the hall to use the bathroom. When I got back she was STILL in there. To put the icing on the cake, when I woke up for good, I went to the bathroom. and there was NO toilet paper left. WTF!!!!!! How hard is it to replace toilet paper?????!!!! The crappy thing is that when they do replace the toilet paper, it sucks! It's like tissue paper and only lasts about a day. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

P.S. The other people never clean it and shed WAY too much!!!

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