Friday, February 22, 2008

Can you spell DRAMA????

I have accomplished an enormous feat that many college students and their parents might want to look into. I have been able to minor in something at no extra cost. Yes...please hold your applause. What is the minor, you may ask? Well, it is a minor in drama. This is perfect for me because it is what I do best, with no guidance needed. I am a natural...just ask my parents any day since the day I was born. Declaring this as my minor happened when I freaked out about how much homework I had to do, including major studying for a test. This test, which will prove to be a bitch, is almost impossible to study for. I was so caught up in the drama about how I would never get things done. My parents tried to reassure me that I would be fine and all I had to do was my best...but that is easier said than heard, especially at that moment. I am now looking back on my little act and now I can joke about how I should minor in drama.

P.S. I am sitting here with a whole weekend that looks pretty empty...yep...I got my stuff done. Whoops...bad judgment! Oh well...

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