Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, this has been an interesting week at the bank... We have a very large farm operation that raises hogs. Right now, most hog farmers are losing money big time because the cost of corn has gone up so much. That means it is costing more than it is worth to feed each hog - to the point that they lose around $40 for every hog they sell. Seems kinda dumb to keep raising them, doesn't it? Anyhooo - this big operation is applying for another loan, with a government guarantee. That means that I have to type up all their financial information all over again, even though we just did it at year end. Monday I did all the forms that could be done on my typewriter and gave them back to Ken. Tuesday, he gave me the file back and I did all the forms that I could do that were set up on my computer. He took the file back mid-morning because he needed to work on it again. When I got the file back around lunchtime, the typed financial documents were missing. I was pretty sure that I didn't lose them, but I searched my desk and every other file that I had used. I even emptied the shredding box and went through each piece of paper one by one to make sure I didn't get them mixed up with the shredding. Grrr... I told Ken they were missing and that I believed he had them last. Of course, he couldn't find them. I imagined that I would have to retype everything I had already completed. Thankfully, he left a message on the machine last night that he found them - and basically, it was all his fault. I wasn't even mad - I was just relieved to know I didn't have to do them again. At least it shows he is not as perfect as he seems...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh TV God

Oh TV god, what did I do to make you mad?
You were clear and crisp one minute and then you faded bad.

Is it me, or are you getting fainter by the show segment?
Please don't fizzle out until I get a replacement.

Oh TV god, you disgrace me.
You don't even have DVD hook up...nor Wii.

I promise to send you to a good home...
As long as you can make it through my next show.