Friday, May 18, 2007


OK - my bad... Nothing got accomplished last night. Nothing. Well, let's revisit that. I DID manage to get rid of some renegade plants in my flowerbeds (and felt good that I didn't just throw them away - thanks for taking them, Julie!). I DID manage to visit with my friends on the patio (I steered them off the deck that had the wobbly furniture and to the wrought iron patio set - very sturdy!). I DID manage to get the grill started at what I thought was a reasonable time, although I realize now that having a clock somewhere out there would probably be a good thing. I also DID manage to have two beers and still have dinner ready for the kids by 6:30. However, I also DID lose all my ambition after dinner. Well, then - tonight is another night, and by gum, I will get that lawn mowed or else. It may be dark by the time I get done, but who cares!

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