Friday, January 18, 2008

Well, she who shall be called "queen" has decided that actually having a blog to share thoughts and stories could actually be a cool thing, so we have retired the journal that we had been sharing back and forth and will start blogging. Are we cool or what?

So - just to catch everyone up, the first half of the first year of college is now over and done with and Katie did very well. I dread taking her back this Sunday - after such a long, extended holiday break, it may be hard for her to get back in the swing of things. However, as she pointed out, the first semester was the longest one (without breaks) so this one should be better. Plus, I think Katie plans on being home every other weekend or so. I don't know - I just wait until someone tells me what's going on.

And... the big story in Minnesota is the arctic cold that blew in today. The weather powers-that-be expect us to be sub-zero for the next 45 hours. Good Morning America flew their weather crew up here to cover it. I think - what's the big damn deal? It's MINNESOTA, for God's sake! This is really not news to us...

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