Thursday, January 24, 2008

Polar Bear Katie

This is Katie, coming to you live from the frozen depths of Frontier. It is officially 61 degrees in our room and that is not even by the drafty window. There is no heat in the lovely basement, which is a freezer anyways. The boat motor sounding heater only blew cold air, but now blows nothing. I just love the direction this is all going. Last night I thought I was going to freeze and get hypothermia. I seriously thought that I had the chance of my roommate finding in my bed unresponsive, due to the lack of heat. The worrier in me then put on double of everything. Yes, I now resemble a polar bear, abominable snowman, or a woman in PMS that is bloating too much. I have on 2 sweatshirts, two pairs of sweatpants, and two pairs of thick socks. WTF! I think that we should all get compensation for this because we are paying A LOT to freeze down here. What a craptastic situation.

P.S. The blue font is intentional to match the color of my fingers.

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