Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a steal!

Hello web people...I am making my blog debut. I am unfortunately back at the U of M to get an education. I already learned something new when I got to school and classes haven't even started yet. I learned that college students waste no time in being douchebags. time at all. Let me set the scene a to what I mean, even though I bet there are a lot of reasons why college students are douchebags.

Driving to my dorm room we all began to realize that unloading a month's worth of crap (luggage) will not go as smoothly as we thought. There are no parking places because there aren't many on a good day. We pull in and wait for a spot when one opens. There was a line for the spot, but apparently college students don't have to wait in line. Hmm...who would have thought...not me. Anyways...just as the rightful owner of the spot was backing into it, a student makes a speedy and bitchy move by pulling into the spot. HELLO!!!!??? Can't you see that people are waiting!!! DUH!!!! The guy made it even worse because he pulled in really shitty and had to back out to pull in straight. HELLO...if you are going to steal a spot, do it in style and correctly the first time. Yep, what a learning experience...and no tuition required.


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