Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am pretty sure that Mollie is depressed, even though I tell her to go away all the time...it's attention. I am having heater problems, too. The boat motor sounding vent only blows cold air. Are thermometer that Jess has on a picture frame (weird location, I know) says it's 73 degrees, but that is because a light is two inches away from it.

A general wonderment:
Why do dryer sheets magically appear? I swear they multiply in the dryer because I end up with a crap load in the dryer even though I swear I didn't put that many in! I think that I should be a magician because I can pull dryer sheets out of my clothes. Yes, I know you are jealous. I just pulled one out of my pajama sleeve, which must have been in there last night, too, without me knowing...hmmm?? The worst was the time I pulled on out of my pant leg AT SCHOOL!! Yes, Mr. Person sitting next to me in class, that is a dryer sheet coming out of my pants. At least it's better than toilet paper tucked in my pants.


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