Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hmmm yourself. I have a feeling that the toilet paper comment was directed at me!!

So - here's one funny thing that happened during my otherwise craptastic night at the Community Center. While the Hispanic soccer players were in the gym, a bunch of their little girls were watching TV in the lobby. There were five of them, ranging in age from two to probably five. One little girl came up to me, pointed to her shirt and was trying to tell me something in Spanish. Of course, I had no clue. The oldest one came to her rescue and told me that she had left some clothes in the library. I figured it was probably her coat. Well, naturally it was after the library had closed, so I had to find the right key to get in there. Three little girls came with me and the one who spoke English said the clothes were in the bathroom. (She was really quite pleased that she could interpret, and actually, so was I, since last year she didn't speak English at all). They made a beeline to the bathroom, went behind the door, and the little girl who left her clothes picked up a pair of pants, some underwear and some socks. Of course I wondered, but I didn't say anything. I didn't have to - the "interpreter" filled me in as we were walking out. All she said was "She peeped". Aw - so close!

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