Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring has!

Spring has arrived in N071. No, not in the form of robins, bunnies, baby chicks, but....ANTS!!!! Yes, America, ants are coming out of the cracks, literally. Last night we put out bait to keep them in one area, hence the nutri-grain bar on the bathroom floor. I threw that away today and vacuumed them up. But, low and behold, when I got back from returning the vacuum cleaner, about 15 already were brave enough to resurface. The worst part is that they come into our room. We put in a work order, but if you remember the heat situation, nothing will be done to quickly. When I thought about living in the dorm, I thought about the crappy situations it would bring. I never had no heat, cold showers, noisy laundry room, and ants cross my mind. I guess you can never say never.

P.S. I guess are bathroom was so dirty (because our suite mates don't clean it) that one ant committed suicide in the toilet water.


Ann and Katie said...

Yucko AND Boo on the whole situation! I would be complaining to someone, that's for sure!

Ann and Katie said...

The Nutrigrain bar on the floor kind of looks like a turd!