Friday, March 7, 2008


This is the bane of Katie's existence. The dog pictured here lives (lived?) across the street from us. I am sure he/she is a good dog. However, the poor dog was blessed with craptastic owners. These owners lived in a small apartment. I think I saw the dog walked twice in the past year. Otherwise, it was chained in the front yard with little stimulation and even less to do. The dog barked all the time - at all hours of the day and night. Apparently the young people who lived in the apartment had a hearing problem, because no one came to let the dog into the apartment in a timely manner. So - this dog was waking Katie up very early in the morning, which did not make her happy at all. Well, I noticed today (since I opted to walk to work) that the new snow from Wednesday has not been disturbed at all in front of their apartment. Could it be? Could the dog be gone? Hey - I haven't heard it bark lately, I don't think. Of course, there are so many dogs in the neighborhood, I could be wrong about that. I will keep my eyes open this weekend to see what's up!

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