Monday, May 5, 2008

Attention: Quota has been reached

I read something the other day, which sums up the spring (ahem...more like winter weather)..."Minnesota is like a box of chocolates" Forrest Gump can fill the rest in for you. I read this on the menu of the rooftop restaurant that I was eating at. Who would have that that a week ago it was snowing. I have been taking advantage of the nice weather when I can by sitting outside and soaking up the sunshine. Got to get my vitamin D in...hmmm...that shows I learned something in nutrition. Being of European descent (a nice way to say uber white) I burn like toast in a 500 degree oven. As much as I want to sit outside, I hit my sun quota too soon. My doctor would yell at me for not wearing sunscreen, but I didn't bring that to college...I just got rid of my winter gloves. I know that I got too much color today because I felt the chill one gets after getting sunburn. I though ahead and pulled my hair back so I wouldn't burn my part...too bad I still had a small part. Yep...half of my part is beat red and peeling and the other half is butt white. To top it all off, my bangs are parted on the side and were covering part of my forehead. The only reason I know this is because half of my forehead is pink. If you are one of those "I tan easily and never burn" you can relate to what us fair skinned people complain about.

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