Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Apparently Nobody Works Here...

Well, this is panning out to be an interesting day. I am pretty sure the crap will hit the proverbial fan this week (I actually hope so!). We are terribly short of loan officers today. One is out on medical leave. One left at 10:00 this morning to watch his daughter play golf in a section meet. One left at 2:00 for a doctors appointment. Another left at 2:30 for the day (he actually does this twice a week or so - saying his kid has a doctor appointment). Sam is fishing in Canada, but is due back tomorrow. Our newest officer is mad as hell - he wants to know who is keeping track of these people and if they are burning up vacation days or sick days when they pull this kind of crap. I have pondered about this for a few years, and am so glad to have another person come around to my way of thinking. Of course, all of those folks get paid salary, so they get paid for 40 hours a week, whether or not they actually work them. Now, for us hourly folk, we wouldn't dare make appointments during the day because it would directly effect our paychecks. What's wrong with this picture?

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